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The BBC “Blueroom” is a consumer tech play space in White City (well usually) but also hits the road from time to time. The team are in Cardiff today and tomorrow as a part of the BBC Fusion event.  (which I’m attending of course)

Internet on your tele

Internet enabled TV has now been on the market since January and today I had a proper play on the Samsung Smart TV. Very slick looking piece of kit, easy to use and what’s impressive is that you can also use your ipad as a remote control for it.

I bumped into a lady who has one and she said she’s excited about using Skype on hers -but has yet to work out how to attach her webcam and microphone to it. The guys on the stand didn’t know either. (not completely intuitive then) 

One of the pics above also shows how you can opt for a Twitterfeed/hashtag to appear on one side of your screen whilst you’re watching a prog. That seems pretty cool - or maybe it would get annoying after a while.  (don’t know for sure) It’s also a 3D TV.

Retails around £700 I believe. 

5 July 2011 ·

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