7 Ways the New York Times is Pursuing "Deeper Engagement"


Journalism.co.uk reports on Liz Heron’s keynote at the the news:rewired conference. This year, the Times is trying to make its “social media projects deeper and more meaningful” with users. How?

1. Using Twitter hashtags to ask journalists to check facts

2. Publishing tweets on the New York Times homepage

3. By “revamping the liveblog template” and turning it into a “second screen”

4. By creating a “liveblog about liveblogs”

5. By experimenting with “hashtag science”

6. By encouraging journalists to use Facebook subscribe

7. Google+ hangouts

Read more on the original article, and hear their interview with Liz Heron.

(Source: futurejournalismproject)

14 February 2012 ·

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